Wind power transport

We transport all types of wind power equipment to the construction site!

From foundation reinforcements to rotor blades – we make sure that all parts arrive on time.

Our transport equipment:

  • Tower adapter, with free-turning mechanism, max. payload 100 t 
  • Tower adapter, fixed 
  • Blade transporter for blade lengths of up to 65 m 
  • 3+5, 2+4, 1+4 low loaders for nacelles, hubs and powertrain 
  • Vessel deck with special adapter for top sections of up 35 m in length 
  • Low loaders for precast concrete elements 
  • 3-axle to 8-axle semi-low loader, max. payload 85 t 
  • Tractors with loading arm for construction site equipment, max. payload 16 t 
  • Mobile cranes, payload 160 t 

Please contact us for a project plan that includes everything you need – from feasibility study, route survey and planning to permits, licences and the actual transport on the day.