Crane transport

Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2 - mobile crane with telescopic boom

The LTM 1160-5.2 is a highly versatile crane for the loading, unloading and installation of wind power assemblies.Its 62 m telescopic boom can be combined with lattice extensions to achieve heights under hook of up to 99 m with a reach of maximum 78 m. The Liebherr crane comes with VarioBallast® for extra mobility, which means that its ballast radius can be set to 5.23 m or 4.73 m.

Liebherr has developed a solution that allows for quick and easy adjustment of the ballast radius by means of a mechanically swivelled ballast cylinder, which makes the LTM 1160-5.2 perfect for use on constricted sites.

HIAB XS 1055 - jib crane

Do you need to move prefabricated homes or other outsized cargos?

The HIAB XS 1055 is the strongest vehicle-mounted articulated jib crane available in the market. This crane of the 100 m class can hoist loads of more than 1 t over a distance of 28 m or more, and is able to lift a 2.3 t load across an eight-storey building.

Equipped with a HiPro control system, this giant machine can be operated with exceptional precision, avoiding swing and sway. Transformer stations, heavy machines and similar loads are positioned with millimetre-precision for easy installation.

The joint of the jib extension can be overextended by more than 20%, for instance to move loads safely through doors and gates.

One vehicle for all transport tasks.

Your advantages:

We can hoist, load, transport and unload your consignment with a single machine and unrivalled precision.

HIAB 1055E-8 with TC3 hydraulic winch at articulated jib